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Your transitional training into your Sling is at no additional cost when you buy and build your plane with us. We want you to fly safe in sync with your airplane.

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Factory-Direct Training

From the moment we start with your airplane build, we also start getting your familiarized with the airplane, it's features and flight characteristics.

Become A Pilot

From your first discovery flight through the flight training program. Our team is here to support you throughout your pilot journey.

Learn To Fly Your Sling

Your new Sling aircraft already includes dedicated training with a certified flight instructor. We make sure you are comfortable with the aircraft controls, engine management, and avionics.

Continued Safe Training

Safer pilots make safer skies. That’s why we offer engaging courses and encourage all of our pilots and customers to do an annual flight review as they do with their airplane. From avionics differences to recurrent training, our online learning portal has options designed for your schedule.

A&P Technicians

We also offer practical training for new technicians. We love to hire great passionate individuals who are good with their hands and love to learn.

Lockup Aircraft Flight Training

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Mike, GA (TSI)

I built my plane within a year. From build phase to actual flying was seamless. I thought I would need a lot of training to fly my TSi, but this airplane by far has been the easiest airplane to learn how to fly. I love it and I’ve put almost 30 hours in it the first month after delivery. I can’t stop flying.


Algen FL (TSi)

I own a beverage company that requires me to travel to and from Miami from Jacksonville. Since I built my TSi, these trips have been breeze. It’s like taking a short drive to the mall.

Learning for Your Lifestyle


Flight Training Schools

We also offer a streamlined training program to flight schools across the country. If you are a flight school looking to upgrade your fleet of aircraft and a better way to train your students, please contact us.

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