We built our planes within a year. From build phase to actual flying was seamless.


Who we are

Mike saw planes and fell in love. He created a platform called Mojogrip, you may have heard of it. Years into preaching the gospel of airplanes, Algen came across one of Mike’s videos about the Sling TSi that he also fell hard. Algen bought his airplane and became the very first customer to build a Sling TSi in the United States. Max was in the market to buy his first airplane when he also came across the Sling aircraft. Max became the first builder to finish his airplane build and pilot’s license within 3 months. These 3 friends came together and created the best aviation company in the world LookUp Aviation.



vision is to become the world's most loved and respected aircraft manufacturer as a consequence of the outstanding qualities of our people, products and ideas.



To foster an environment which stimulates and inspires the team at Lookup Aviation to create the finest, most loved, practical, safe and reliable aircraft in the world.


Key Values

In identifying the values which are central to our business and to the achievement of our vision and mission


Our Mission

A luxurious customer experience is at the focal point of what we do at LookUp Aviation. It’s the reason why we’ve gone out and hired a full staff, invested in a 27,000 square feet build facility and streamlined our build and training process. Flying is not rocket science, neither is building the perfect aircraft of your dreams. Attention to detail is important, and that part we promise to never skip.

Join Our Team

Our team is our greatest resource and we’re always looking for talented folks to join us as we continue to push the boundaries of personal aviation in the many years to come.




Mike Ojo



Max Maxwell



Algen Albritten



Josh Rohder

Lead Test Pilot

World-Class Customer Experience


Build Facility

Lookup Aviation build facility is situated at Smith Reynolds Airport, North Carolina. This is where we craft and build all of our beautiful airplane. Everything from inception to design and quality production. All flight training and testing is done in-house by a team of highly experienced pilots and technicians.

  • Parts Manuf.

    Lookup aviation ships and stores every single part itself of the Sling aircraft. Slings are made almost entirely from aluminum, the remainder from carbon fibre or glass fibre.

  • Quality Control

    Each stage of manufacture includes a quality control check. Reject parts are quarantined and when parts reach the store they’ve passed through at least five quality checks.

  • Store and kit

    Lookup Aviation parts required for both your ready-to-fly and kit build is available through our Stores department. If it’s Sling Aircraft parts you need, from nose to tail, our support network has it all!

Ready to Get Started?

Discover the power and prestige of the SLING TSI Contact our sales team for more information or to schedule a demo flight.