Our Process

LookUp Aviation is revolutionizing the way pilots buy and build personal aircraft. We are pilots ourselves and have been through all of the phases of buying and building. Building on that experience we’ve created a streamlined process that focuses on a satisfying customer experience. You get to pick from a menu of ready made models of the airplane you desire, and we get to work. It’s that simple.


Get Your Pilots License

We love having new pilots in the family. Sling aircraft is by far the easiest airplane to learn in. It’s modern and comes with great automation tools to reduce pilot load. Whether you’re new to flying or need some transition training with your new plane, we’ve got your back! We train you while your airplane is being built and so your transition will be seamless.


Fleet and Flight Training

The Sling NGT is a light sport aircraft known for its modern avionics and efficiency to train new pilots. It is a technically advanced aircraft that comes equipped with a Garmin G3X touch and GTN 650. This new aircraft can be used to train students from zero flying hours all the way to getting their commercial pilot certificate. If you are a flight school, please contact us about our fleet program and financing options.

Look Up Approach

Safety First

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at LookUp Aviation. From the buy and build process to flight training, we like to take it a step further. We use modern technology available to us to educate and facilitate good flying habits. We encourage all our builders to have a yearly flight review, and that’s just the beginning. Taking care of your brand new aircraft is also part of practicing good safety measures, so you will get alerts when you have maintenance due on the aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance

Service & Support

Our national network of qualified A&P and Rotax engineers are readily on standby to help. Our concierge customers also enjoy the benefits of having in-house technicians at no additional cost.


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